Happy 4th of July!

Lots of travelling the last few days on our way to Yellowstone NP.

  • 351 miles from Durango to Provo, Utah.
  • 260 miles from Provo to Idaho Falls… just in time for fireworks!
A fine spot for some fireworks, 2 hours early:0
Biggest show ever in Idaho Falls, how lucky are we.

Great night, we ubered to the show, i feel bad for our driver that probably spent a total of 40 minutes getting to us and getting us home for under $14.

Durango, Colorado!

Next stop, Durango, CO for two nights that turnes out to be one of our favorite stops so far!  Durango is beautiful country, cool, crisp and just an amazing relief from the heat.

Beautiful Colorado!

However, we still couldn’t escape being near wild fires that were burning just on the outside of town, though not as big and much more contained than the fire in Utah. One of my best old budies who lives in Durango was unfortunately busy fighting the blaze so ungortunately we didn’t get to hook up.

Jeremiah knows right where the action is!

On July 2nd, we booked a raft & rail package that had us on the Animas River in the morning for 2 hours of class 1-3 rapids. We were a little worried how the kids would do but they loved it. We toured with Mountain Waters, our guide Michael was super knowledgeable about the river as well as the town of Durango, as well as other recommended rivers to raft. I will post pics once i get them off a CD, no selfies on the river!;)

We shuttled to Silverton, CO, an old mining town about 9k feet up.

The Shady Lady!

Silverton was like walking back in time to the old west, but with no Clint Eastwood.

All aboard the Durango Silverton Narrow Guage Railroad

The train ride back was slow and scenic fillowing the Animas river for about 45 miles. Sometimes at river level sometimes 100s of feet up above the river.

I love this, its just taking way tooooo longggg!!!
Enjoying some fresh air.

Visit to Four Corners on the way to Durango

So we departed the heat of Moab and headed south to Four Corners, also very hot unfortunately. Not quite what we expected, but with Breaking Bad in our hearts we, I, endured the 45 minute line in blazing sun while Carrie and the kids visited the native American arts and craft booths that surround the center. And we got our pics… you really dont need selfie sticks,  just need to ask someone in line to take your pic in exchange for the same favor.

Four states at once!!

Vacation Destination – Moab!

We are back in the heat, but this time in Moab, Utah. Its been around a 100 everyday, dipping into upper 70’s or so by late night.

Timing is everything around here, meaning, get it done before noon or you will fry in the heat! We got to Arches a little too late to complete our junior ranger badges, but we are heading back today to get it done, and of course see more of the over 2000 arches in the park.

Welcome to Arches NP.

Renting a jeep in Moab was a wise choice as there’d be nothing to do without it other than eat and drink. Not bad, but.  Our first trail on the “easy” list kicked our butt. Hurrah Pass, A beautiful ride into the red cliffs of Moab but after an hour + of bumpy roads and looking straight down off cliffs right on the side of the vehicle. We made the pass but decided not to push through to Chicken Corners.


Are we on Mars?

Headed to Ken’s Lake for a much needed cool off.

Kens lake, a much more relaxing water escape than the campground pool.

Heading to Moab on route 70

Got a pretty good start this morning with a brief stop in Panguitch, Utah. Panguitch still has corrals on main street where you can park your horse, how cool is that!

Just Gorges!

My new LEAST favorite three words are Gusty Winds Area! 200 miles of white knuckle driving due to the occasional wind gust that would push the RV to the berm… not fun.

Wide open road on rt 70.

Hoodoo we love!

Today we took the rv warp speed ahead into Bryce Canyon, UT, and its spectacular hoodoos. For those interested, hoodoos are the tall cylinder-like rock formations that dominate the floor below the vistas as well as climbing up the canyon walls. The hoodoos are somewhat strange, sort of resembling something you might encounter if you were part of Captain Kirk’s landing party, or at least a giant pile of red and orange shaving cream piled 100’s of feet high. Either way they are a sight!

Inspiration point hoodoos.
More Bryce Canyon – Sunset Point.
Posing at Inspiration Point.

Lily achieved another junior ranger badge, way to go Lily, that makes 3! Jackson is pitching in climbing and talking with park squirrels. I didnt know all their names were either chips or squeeks.

Geology talk with a Park Ranger.

After Bryce we hopped on one of the free park shuttles and headed off for an ATV tour! It was time to get dusty, and we did. I highly recommend an excursuon like this no matter where you are!

But nothing compares to the rush of heading towards your campsite that has a billowing smoke cloud from a 40,000 acre wildfire heding right at it!!! Actually not to worry, the fire is about 40 miles away and we will be long gone before it makes it this way.

From someone burning weeds, to this! Not good.

Water break at Tropic Reservoir

The kids really wanted to swim and the only option was tge reservoir about 8 miles away… it took 45 minutes each way due to bumpy gravel roads that almost shook the rv to pieces… but we made it.

Free range cattle!

Getting in a cold water visit, not really worth it all in all, but kids enjoyed. And, of course we grilled some Ribeyes up for dinner after, not from one of the above pictured cattle.

We have a pool and a pond, pond would be good for you!

Settling in at Bryce Canyon Pines.

Bryce Canyon PinesArrived ay Bryce Canyon Pines yesterday. We are about 40 miles from the wildire but as of yet there is no emergency evacuation in place, thank goodness as the cooler temperatures are a welcome change.

On the way in we followed the billowing smoke in the east until we got to the Red Canyon. Incredible surprise in Dixie National Forest.

Believe me its much more red than this photo shows!

And finally, the first smores of the trip! Lily’s girl scout knowlege was a huge help getting the fire started. Jackson helped toast marshmallows but shared way too much with his parents.

We have fire!